Pro Pedal Boards

Measuring in at only 1/2" high, the Pro Boards are the favorite of those who value the purely utilitarian.  The streamlined Pro Boards are the lightest of all our boards, making them perfect for touring musicians struggling to make it under FAA-required weight limits, or for techs who want easy access to everything on the top surface of the board.  Though Pro Boards do not accept our Quick Change (QC) system, the fully perforated deck accepts zip ties or your favorite hook & loop.

Pro Pedal Board
from 194.00

The following sizes are designed for use with Pelican™ Cases:

19" x 10.5" (Pelican Case #1510) 

19.75" x 14.5" (Pelican Case #1560) 

21" x 16" (Pelican Case #1610)

27.5" x 17" (Pelican Case #1650) 

Also available in 24" x 18"

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