Pro QC Pedal Boards

With a profile only 3/4" high, the Pro QC (Quick Change) Pedal Board is light weight and welded ruggedness with all the flexibility offered by our Quick Change accessory system.  The Pro QC Board is available with 16 Quick Change Accessory Plates, or all by its glorious self.


** Please note that due to current demand, lead times to ship may be as long as 7-9 business days.

Pro QC Pedal Board
from 200.00

Sizes designed for hard Pelican™ Cases:

19" x 10.5" (Pelican Case #1510) 

19.75" x 14.5" (Pelican Case #1560) 

21" x 16" (Pelican Case #1610) 

27.5" x 17" (Pelican Case #1650)


Common sizes:

16.5" x 13"

24" x 14"

24" x 18"

29" x 18"

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