Deluxe Pedal Boards

Our flagship, the Deluxe Pedal Board possess every attribute that guitarists, bassists, and techs alike asked for over its multi-year development process.  The Deluxe Board features:

    • All welded ultra-light weight aluminum construction.
    • Perforated top for total flexibility routing audio and power cables - we recommend Lava Cables™ - right through the deck, for the OCD in every gear-head.
    • 16 of The Custom District proprietary Quick Change (QC) Accessory System mounting plates makes reconfiguring your board on the fly effortless.
    • Marine-grade Power inlet pre-wired for the most popular power supplies like the Voodoo2™ accepts any standard extension cord.
    • Three Redco™ FeedThru 1/4" Panel jacks are fully shielded, and are female inside and out - no soldering is required.  Just plug in and hit the stage!
    • Raisable rear deck - loosen six bolts, install the provided spacers and your rear deck is stepped up an additional inch for easier access to pedals in the back without risk of disturbing your front row of pedals.  At 11" the front deck is deep enough to take the largest wah or volume pedal, even with the rear deck raised.
    • Internal shelf to hide away power supplies or switching devices, keeping the top deck clear of anything you don't want seen, for the tidiest installation.  See examples of our boards in action here.

    ** Please note that due to current demand, lead times to ship may be as long as 7-9 business days. 

    Deluxe Pedal Boards
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