The Deluxe

Flagship beauty coupled with total functionality. Our Deluxe model is available in 2 sizes. For those that want the most versatile Custom District pedal board with top-of-the-line features, the Deluxe board is for you.

Our Deluxe model includes integrated power and audio throughput to prevent upsetting pedals during setup and takedown, Effects are secured with our innovative and highly flexible ProMod™ Mounting System (included).

  • An adjustable height rear-deck gives you plenty of room to hide away power supplies, compressors and other untouched devices to preserve valuable deck space.

  • Prewired with AC input to IEC power - drop your power supply inside the board, secure it with Dual Lock™, and plug any extension cord into the outside

  • Stereo through-jacks so all you have to do is plug your patch cord in to the board itself. No soldering. No electronics DYI videos required!

  • Wiring can be routed underneath the lightweight perforated deck to keep the top deck clean, or run above for instant access during a performance.

available sizes: 24”x18” | 32”x18”

24" x 18" Deluxe Pedal Board
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32" x 18" Deluxe Pedal Board
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