ProMod™ System

What it is

The Custom District ProMod™ System brings total flexible modularity to your pedal board.  Easily configure or re-configure your pedals, add or remove riser decks, attach accessories, all with the simple twist of a knob!

Why it exists

We know you never stop chasing perfection.  Neither do we.  That’s why we designed our pedal boards to enable you to set up your board without sacrificing the ability to keep on tweaking – make minor refinements or completely rearrange your setup, and each time your board will have the strength of never-fail permanence.

How it works

Rather than mounting your pedals directly to the board itself, you mount them to ProMod™ Mounting Plates with hook and loop, 3M Dual Lock 250/250 (recommended), or straight adhesive.  ProMod™ mounting plates simply lock to the board with a knob, enabling you to move pedals and even whole mounting locations whenever and wherever for complete flexibility!  Similarly, riser decks and other accessories can be easily locked to the board or moved to another location with a simple twist.

Each 2” x 1-1/4” mounting plate has a threaded stud and a knob.  Drop the plate on top of the board with the stud through a hole in the deck, tighten the knob on the other side, and your pedal is firmly locked in place!

Simple.  Flexible.

ProMod™ Mounting Plates (set of 4)
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